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mutuis animis

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10 February
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I'm (sort of) attempting Fanfic100 (Harry Potter, Remus and Sirius) unofficially because someone beat me to the claim. But I've asked to be put on the waitlist and I'll post to my own little table while I wait. ^_^ Contemplating changing that to some Young Wizards thing or something. But I decided I wanted my my-life blog and my writing to be separate. PM if you want my my-life blog...?

Go Team Magic for the RS_Games 2014!

Also I write slowly, good grief.

If you want to beta (ahaha), or if you need one, feel free to send me a message; if you have comments, please leave them!

tumblr - jenesaispourquoi
ff.net - CryptoSquirrel
FA - luvsharrypotter
AO3 - mutuisanimis
[sorry they're all different usernames... I don't know how to change them at ff.net or FA, and I'm quite attached to both mutuisanimis and my tumblr.]